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Elements Cuba

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Brand Polish & Lather

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Next stop Cuba!!! This mysterious country which is just a few miles off the coast of Florida has been elusive to most Americans for the last two generations. Fantasizing, dreaming and just all around curious about the largest Caribbean country and what hidden secret and gems it has to offer.

With the American Cuban relations healing and with the loosening of regulations Cuba is no longer out of touch, but right there for the grabbing; and with that, the chance to experience a culture I never thought I would. 

I'm truly excited to take Polish & Lather to Cuba on a new adventurous sourcing trip, and as always we welcome the bran new and exciting challenges as we dig for Cuban ingredients. 

We arrive in Cuba 28 December 2016 and Elements Box buy-in expires 23 December 2016.

Make sure to grab your surprise Cuba Elements Box before they sell out.

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